Hoofddorp Pioniers hit by Coronavirus

Through its Facebook page, Hoofddorp Pioniers has announced that a player of the club has been infected with the coronavirus. The club has taken the necessary steps to prevent the virus from spreading.

The player we are talking about is playing for the farm team of the club. As a result the scheduled game of that team in the overgangsklasse (second-tier league) vs. Oosterhout Twins 2 has been postponed.

The player and his family are now in a fourteen-day quarantine as are other players of that team. One player who is normally playing for the flagship team of Pioniers but played with the farm team last week is also placed in a fourteen-day quarantine together with his family.

Pioniers had a consultation with the healthcare authorities and has been advised to have a close eye on the players, the staff and the fans of this team. They should be very reluctant with contacting other persons.

As far as we know, this is the first recorded coronavirus case in the Dutch baseball.

[EDIT] According to Dutch baseball website 9 innings, the hoofdklasse team of Hoofddorp Pioniers has decided to postpone this weekend’s games vs Silicon Storks. Also the training activities of coming Tuesday will be skipped.


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2 Replies to “Hoofddorp Pioniers hit by Coronavirus”

  1. Voor wat betreft het meespelen of aanwezig zijn in de dugout van de speler van Pioniers 1, ik heb toch duidelijk andere verhalen van zijn moeder gehoord.

    Ik zal e.e.a aanpassen qua wedstrijden.


  2. Nee: De wedstrijden tegen DSS/Kinheim waren vorig weekend en zijn gewoon gespeeld. De wedstrijden tegen Twins zouden vandaag en morgen zijn en zijn afgelast. Zie de bondssite, competities, overgangsklasse. De speler van heren 1 heeft niet met heren 2 meegespeeld.


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