Belgian competition will start on July 4

Last week you could read a blog post about the BBG (Baseball Gold) League in Belgium and its possible start on July 4. Since yesterday night it is official. Belgian baseball will start on July 3. According to a press release, baseball will start on July 3, but since that is on a Friday, it is very likely the regular competition will start one day later.

The press release sent out by the KBBSF (Royal Belgian Baseball and Softball Federation) stated that it wants to create as many opportunities for its members to play baseball and softball. But within the boundaries set by the Belgian government. It all has to fit in the safety and health rules that have been set.

The Belgian baseball leagues have created, what they call, Safe@Bat & Go rules. Just like in the neighboring Netherlands, it has been decided that the 2019 champions will keep their European tickets for 2021. There will also be no clubs that will be demoted or promoted.

This year there will be no pause during the summer. Normally they have a pause to give players (especially parents) the opportunity to go on vacation. Also, games will be played on national holidays.

The competition in the BBG will run until mid-October. In this way, teams can face each other in three separate rounds. But this all depends on the number of teams that will participate. Because of that, the KBBSF sent out a questionnaire to see which clubs want and will be able to play the 2020 season.

A proposition has been made to play a home game and a road game instead of doubleheaders at the same ballpark. In this way, both clubs can earn some money from the amenities.

As the clubs have to fill out the questionnaires before June 15, the schedules will be published after that date.

But after the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, Lithuania and Italy, Belgium will be the sixth European country where our beloved game will be played again.

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