Glimmer of hope for Belgian baseball

After the Belgian Safety Council came with new facilitation of the measures against the coronavirus, the VBSL (Flemish Baseball and Softball League) made a few announcements that correspond with the aforementioned facilitation.

VBSLIn a press release, two important dates were mentioned: 

May 18: start of training activities for team sports in the open air under conditions to be named later.

August 1: start of the competition under conditions to be named later.

Of course, these dates are not fixed yet. It all depends on the development of the pandemic.

These dates provide some light at the end of the tunnel. Now clubs can slowly prepare for the start of a short season. Better a short season than nothing. This development is much more positive than the one in France and the Netherlands. The other day, the French Federation decided to cancel the season.

In the Netherlands, the government has forbidden games of contact sports until September 1st. This means competition is hardly possible. But… The Dutch Federation is trying to convince the government to look at baseball as a non-contact sport.

For now, Belgian baseball has something to look forward to.

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