BabyCakes has most popular cap/logo

In the Logomania contest, a contest organized by New Era, the New Orleans BabyCakes ran away with the best cap/logo. The former New Orleans Zephyrs rebranded in the 2016/2017 offseason and adopted the name BabyCakes.

In the contest, two of the teams with the most ridiculous names (New Orleans BabyCakes Afbeeldingsresultaat voor New orleans BabyCakes best logoand the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp) reached the final four but eventually, the BabyCakes and the Vermont Lakemonsters had to battle it out in the final two vote.
In the final vote, the BabyCakes won by a landslide of 67,349 votes (81.2 percent) to 15,574 votes for Vermont (18.8 percent).

The Baby Cakes’ win capped four furious weeks of competition in Logomania, which was a fan-fueled contest to select the best cap in Minor League Baseball, based on your votes. Thirty-six teams entered the contest but only one—the Baby Cakes—was crowned the champ.

Baby Cakes general manager Cookie Rojas was thrilled about the outcome and saw it as a vindication of a logo that certainly generated buzz but also drew a lot of opposition.

“I look at it as a joyous occasion,” Rojas said. “It’s a milestone for the organization. We’re moving the needle in terms of people falling in love with the logo. I see so many people around the region walking with it, whether it’s stitched on, embroidered on. We did catch a lot of flak about it, so it’s also a moment of validation. We stuck to our guns, and I think Baby Cakes reflects that.”

Rojas said choosing a name from seven finalists—Baby Cakes, Crawfish, King Cakes, Night Owls, Po’boys, Red Eyes, and Tailgators—was not easy.

“I would on Sundays dress incognito as a fan and sit in the stands or go to the team store and people would say, ‘I can’t believe they’re changing the name’ . . . but all they talked about was that ‘Baby Cakes’ name. That resonated in everyone’s mind. I believe in passion. You love it or you hate it and they seem to love it. It’s bold and brazen.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor New orleans BabyCakes best logo

“People rallied around this. People got engaged. This is not the Zephyrs name that came from Colorado. This is a new tradition.”

The BabyCakes used to be the Denver Zephyrs but when the Colorado Rockies moved into town, the team had to look for another place and ended up in New Orleans. The name Zephyrs was never something that had anything to do with the Big Easy, so it is not strange the club looked for a new name with a link to the city.

But I think you will understand that I do not subscribe to the outcome of this Logomania voting.


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