Chattanooga Lookouts un-dodgerize

After the Chattanooga Lookouts joined the Los Angeles Dodgers organization in 2009 the team adopted uniforms that were leaning towards a Dodger look. They abandoned the traditional red cap and turned to Dodger blue. Now the team has joined the Twins organization in 2015 it was time to get a new look and to return to the more traditional colors. 

Today the Lookouts unveiled their new uniforms. Luckily they have returned to their traditional red cap with the block C. Next to the red cap they also have a black one with red block C on it, that is worn with the road jersey. A third cap, also black sports a pair of eyes on the front. This cap will be worn with an all black alternate jersey with the abbreviation ‘Nooga on the front. With batting practice, the team will wear a red jersey with the famous eyes on the left chest. The home jersey will be in traditional white with a red piping running up around the neck and down again. The jersey will have red sleeves.

Unlike most of the minor league clubs, who turn to Brandiose, the Lookouts asked Sky Design from Atlanta to design the uniforms and the logos, even though the C-logo was already used when the Cincinnati Reds were the parent team.

The team will wear red belts and red (stirrup) socks with each uniform. The script on the jerseys is new so despite the eye logo that the club is known for for at least two decades, the new uniforms have a modern look nevertheless.

I don’t like it when minor league teams add the name of the parent club or their colors (sorry Braves, sorry Cubs, sorry Dodgers, sorry Cardinals), so to me it is good to see that this club returns to its own identity.

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